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Community Service

Community Service Forms

Community service allows students to apply what they learn in school to 21st-century real-life experiences. Through this service, it is our goal to help students develop social skills, evaluate situations, engage in problem-solving, career awareness, and help build self-esteem.

Attached you will find the Community Service Verification Form as well as the Community Service Log. (All these link together, this is part of the brag sheet. If students start doing Community Service since 9th grade, they will definitively have higher chances of receiving scholarships).


Some examples/opportunities where students can do community service can be:

  • • YMCA
  • • Boys and Girls Club
  • • Retirement Homes
  • • Beach Clean-up
  • • Animal Shelters
  • • Public Libraries
  • • Churches
  • • Elementary Schools
  • • Middle Schools
  • • Tutoring


These are some examples, but you are more than welcome to take the Community Service Verification Form to an organization/business of your choice. Pursue your interest!


Once completed, one copy can be for the counselor and another one for the student that way the student can keep record/track along with the supervisor’s information).


Most scholarships will request a letter of recommendation from a supervisor where you did community service.


Internship: A student demonstrates interest for a certain career, we encourage students to take the Community Service Verification Form to an establishment/store/company/business and introduce themselves. The form has a Community Service description that can be used as a cover letter and students will be exposed, get hands-on experience and have an idea of how it is to work in that career/field. This would be an internship but receiving community service for it. Admission officers and scholarship committees are impressed when they see students have done internships because it means you are responsible at school and not afraid to pursue your dreams!

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