About Our Coach

Orion International Academy is proud to partner with Cooper International Academy, lead by Coach Eric Cooper. Coach Cooper is the founder and director of Cooper International Academy, a college preparatory program that bridges the transitional gap between secondary and higher education for student athletes. Their comprehensive process focuses on the student’s academic, athletic and inter-personal developmental goals to ensure a higher level of success in college and in life.

Cooper Academy serves as the cornerstone of an integrated program that guides and mentors student-athletes from primary school through high school, prep school to the university level and beyond.

Many qualified student athletes have been placed in premiere universities under Coach Cooper’s guidance. In cooperation with Coach Cooper, we are designed to accommodate national and international student athletes. Players from across the globe can attend our athletic academy and play against the top post-grad student athletes in the world. Head Coach Eric Cooper is no stranger to the international experience having played in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Slovenia, Ukraine and Mexico in more than a decade of playing professional basketball. He has put together an environment that will make a easy transition for any players from abroad.

Please contact our admissions department for further information in regards to Orion’s athletic program.