AP Course Offerings

AP Credit Course Offerings - Get Ahead! (OPEN TO EXTERNAL, NON-ORION STUDENTS)

Raise your GPA and add valuable course credits to your transcript. You take do more with less time. Efficient lessons bring your required hours down to 20% of what you spend in a public school.

Take online, WASC-accredited, UC-Approved course with tutoring and support from OIA. Available during the summer and regular academic year.

We offer students in 9th to 12th grades can take AP and Honors classes through OIA to earn additional class credit toward their GPA. Classes are completed online at the student’s own pace. Supplemental study labs offer in-person instruction and accountability from OIA teachers and counselors. We monitor each student’s progress and provide academic guidance to ensure that they are set up for success.

Who can benefit from taking credit courses with OIA?

· Want to raise their GPA.

· Need to recover course credit.

· Want to finish a full semester or two semesters of coursework over the summer or at a self-paced time.

· Are looking for an alternative to traditional classroom learning due to non-standard schedules.

Our classes count toward your GPA!

Any class taken for credit through OIA will count toward a student’s 1) GPA, 2) UC A-G course count, and 3) AP course count (if the course is an AP course).

OIA is a fully-accredited, private, online school that generate its own transcripts. When you apply to colleges, you will send both your high school and OIA transcripts. Colleges will recalculate your GPA taking all transcript into consideration.

Here is a list of a list of all UC-approved classes that Orion offers:



Subject AreaCourses/th>
A- History/Social ScienceGovernment, History, World History
B- EnglishEnglish Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition
C- MathematicsCalculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Computer Science, Computer Science Principles
D- ScienceBiology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Physics 2, Environmental Science, Intro. to Robotic Engineering
E- Languages oter than EnglishSpanish, Chinese
F- Visual & Performing ArtsArt History, Music Theory
G- College Prep ElectivesEconomics, Psychology, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics