Why Orion?

What is Orion?

  • Orion is a private international academy that enrolls students from all academic levels and many countries with a common goal of producing scholars of each one.
  • Orion is an affordable alternative to public schools and expensive private schools.
  • Orion is a unique international environment created to stimulate creativity and academic excellence.
  •  Orion is a proactive small family of Instructors and administrators committed to creating informed, engaged, socially-conscious and responsible future leaders.

Features of Orion Instruction:

  •  Individual Consideration: Courses and instructional delivery systems designed to accelerate scholarly growth
  •  Catch Back Efforts: Supportive and proactive efforts to draw level when needed for struggling scholars
  •  Equipped for College: Array of UC Approved A-G Courses
  •  No Excuses: 24-Hour Online-Access to Assignments, Lessons, Study Materials, and Exams
  •  Not Cookie Cutter: Individualized Study Plans and Assessment Focused Instruction
  •  Real Attention: Maximum 15 to 1 Student-to-Instructor Ratio
  •  Flexibility: Proven onsite and online educational options
  •  College, Where not If: College Preparatory Schedule and Instruction
  •  Social Development: Explore, Honor, and Celebrate Cultural and National Diversity
  •  Confidence: Writing and Public Speaking Stressed Across Academic Disciplines
  •  Authentic Student-Athletics: Athletics and academic program work together seamlessly